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Stone of Poetries and Stories - Event Summary

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Oct 30, 2017

From October 18 to 22 the Haipai Viewing Stone Art Exhibition in the First Exhibition Held of Shanghai Library. This event was grand gathering among viewing stone collectors and enthusiasts in Shanghai.

From October 18 to 22 the Haipai Viewing Stone Art Exhibition in the First Exhibition Held of Shanghai Library. This event was grand gathering among viewing stone collectors and enthusiasts in Shanghai.

The Haipai Viewing Stone Art Exhibitions hosted by Vice President of Shanghai Viewing Stone Collectors' Association ZHANG Xu, and many VIP participated, they were: President of Shanghai Viewing Stone Collectors' Association XU Wenqiang, President of Shanghai Commercial Association CAI Hongsen, Former Curator of Liu Haisu Art Museum and Vice President of Shanghai Collection Association Zhang Jian, Vice President of China Viewing Stone Collectors' Association and President of Xinjiang Viewing Stone Collectors' Association YAO Hejiang, Vice Chairman of China Democratic League, Deputy Director of Conference Standing Committee of CPPCC National Committee and deputy director of Shanghai Municipal People's Congress and Shanghai Minhang National People's Congress Standing Committee ZHENG Huiqiang, Former Vice Minister of Land and Resources and Chinese Viewing Stone Collectors' Association SHOU Jiahua.

Viewing Stones were changed from their original existing type due to the wrinkling, twisting, overlapping, staggering,severing of the earth crust, and the inter-effect and reaction of different altitude and earth temperature, also coming with the air slaking,to their present different feature and form. Those natural function and time impact have entitled these stones miracle art effect,presenting to the human beings an unique aesthetics connection to the nature.

The exhibition gathered more than 70 senior Shanghai collectors' various collections of viewing stones, including ancient and classical viewing stones-style collections (Lingbi stone, Ying stone, Kun stone, Taihu stone); Contemporary emerging viewing stones collections (water-washed stone, Gobi stone, Huang Longyu stone as the representative, and fossils and Juanwen stone); Pattern stones (Nanjing Yuhua stone, Changjiang stone, the Yellow River stone, marble and special stone species of Antarctic pebbles, North American Caiwen stone); Mineral fossils (in addition to colorful crystal objects, there are iron meteorite, Australia Tsui and other special stone species, Guizhou dragon fossils, crab fossils, and silicified wood fossils, etc.); There many latest books published in the exhibition, such as "Haipai Viewing Stones Grand", "Wenqiang said Stone" and so on. These books showed our tireless research for decades.

In recent years, with the number of people increased and promoted to the viewing stone collections, the prices continue to rise. The rare ancient stone collections was popular, such as Sotheby's "Yuan Dynasty Black-Lingbi Stone Yushan Pu" (In 2008 this item broke the viewing stone auction record, and the highest transaction record, HK 384.75 million), Beijing Poly's Spring shot " Song Dynasty Ying stone Tianzhu peak " and so on.

The value of viewing stone is divided into historical value, cultural value, scientific value and collection value. These values exist in the cultural connotation implied in fine stone and the scarcity beyond congener. A viewing stone contains of the cultural content and geological features, and even involves some significant historical commemorative significance, such as displayed in the Ziguangge of Zhongnanhai, The Luoyang peony stone, its value is self-evident and unique. In the traditional viewing stone culture, an elegance viewing stone can be used for architectural decoration, or put it in the library for private display. A "valuable" viewing stone must own some features that have shape, quality, color, pattern, spirit, but usually, the treasures can not be gained easily. In fact, the viewing stone is a "discovered art", which is closely related to the experience and knowledge of the viewer, you must go through these features to find the unique theme, but it's not easy.

"A true man loves the mountains. A wise man loves the sea." We hope that this exhibition would make more followers to give impetus to the Chinese art and culture of viewing stone. As president XU Wenqiang said, "Let us go this way together, carry forward the viewing stone art and culture! "

Thanks for Shanghai Viewing Stone Collectors' Association, and each collector and follower of OGP.

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