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Merveilleuses Couleurs - Un fabuleux cherche et trouve de Nathalie Béreau et Michaël Cailloux

By OGP Reporters / Michaël Cailloux File Photos

Oh Good Party

Every double page in this book by Michal Cailloux and Nathalie Béreau becomes an opportunity to investigate a colour and its subtle subtleties through diverse objects that represent each hue. We proceed from the most common elements, such as a lion, banana, or sunflower, to the most unusual, such as the Sun King's mask or a spherical, golden turnip, which all signify the colour yellow. Each of the nine colours is represented by a miniature wallpaper in which the reader is allowed to travel and solve the riddles to identify the element that doesn't belong. A vibrant work that falls halfway between an art book and a traditional Seek-and-Find game.

Michael Cailloux was born in Paris in 1975. As an alumni from the prestigious École Duperré Paris (Duperre School of Applied Arts), and is now the Art Director at L'École supérieure d'art Françoise Conte (Conte Art School), as well as the co-author of “Printed Textile Design: Profession, Trends and Project Development.” At the same time, he has collaborated with prestigious brands including Cartier, and Van Cleef & Arpels.

Michael Cailloux possesses a colourful and distinct style. The “fly” (la mouche), symbolizing life and death, ultimately became his symbol and signature. His designs are used in etchings, silken scarves, wallpapers, stationeries, and many more. In 2015, Michael Cailloux was the winner of the Gravix Award Prize, and was featured in the book “Encore, the New Artisans” by Thames & Hudson. At the same time, Michaël Cailloux also pursues his passion for textile arts using early drawings made for his etchings to create new limited edition items: scarves, wallpapers and stationary art. He is also the co-author of the reference book “Textile Design” published in 2013 by Editions Eyrolles.

More recently, Michaël Cailloux is doing more and more collaborations and creates made to measure collections. For instance, he decorated the Madeleine Gallery with his wallpaper for the Lucas Carton restaurant (Paris, 8th arrondissement). In 2016, he was part of the very first Dior Home collection with an entirely hand drawn set of playing cards in homage to Christian Dior, with signed and numbered art notebooks. In 2017, he stood out with the publishing of Merveilleuse Nature by Editions Thierry Magnier, a meticulously crafted book and a true work of art in its own right, recommended by the contemporary art magazine L‘œil. He also partnered with Vis-à-Vis and The Invisible Collection to present his first printed and hand embroidered bed linen collection in London. Cadavre Exquis took place in January of 2018, Michaël Cailloux’s first solo exhibition in Japan (Tokyo) organized by Gallery Irène. A refined body of work, highlighted in numerous magazines like Elle Decoration, Palace Costes, Vivre Côté Paris, Le Figaro.

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