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Pink Diamonds Boutique


Diamond jewellery

PINK Diamonds is a diamond retailcompany specialized in the retail of loose fancy colored diamonds and diamond jewellery to investors, collectors and private owners.

PINK Diamonds is a diamond expert company specialized in the art and science of natural fancy colored diamonds.

Strong of 10 years’ experience in cutting, polishing and grading (GIA), natural fancy colored diamonds, PINK has established exclusive relationships around the world with leading sources of exclusive gems. PINK now has direct access to some of the most important miners and alluvial sources of colored diamonds in Australia, Africa, Russia and South America.

Created by Nicolas Jouvenceau, a colored diamonds collector & GIA gemologist, PINK has become a reference in the industry as a supplier of some of the finest colored diamonds available today.

Focused on the burgeoning Asian market, PINK is set to become the leading supplier of fancy colored diamonds to the fine jewelry industry and an increasing number of global investors wishing to gain exposure to a market with a recession-proof track record; a hard asset that is portable, tax-free and discreetly traded worldwide.

All stones from PINK are GIA certified as natural, untreated colored diamonds crafted with skills and the utmost of care. Diamond cutters at PINK are not only masters in the science of cutting diamond but also talented artists who spend countless hours to polish rough stones into the most amazing colored gems. Therefore at Pink we see our diamonds not just as a marvel of nature, but as a real artwork.





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