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Roger Salucci


Contemporary art, Optical art

'Astonishing' is the only word we could think of when looking at Roger's artworks, which are exclusively unique and unforgettable. The canvas transforms into different stories; it can be wild, serene, exciting, relaxed… His brush strokes are like the notes of a beautiful piece of music.

Roger Salucci was born in Provence, France in 1942. He was a caricaturist, stage manager, film scenographer, designer, illustrator, art teacher, and most of all, an artist. Roger began his artistic career at the age of 16 as a caricaturist, and later received his artistic degree from the Beaux-Arts School. He was the winner of First Prize of Poster at Nimes Fair, First Prize at 1970 Autumn Salon in Paris as a “Painter of Less Than 30”. At the same, Roger was the first designer of Modes et Travaux (a French magazine), and later an illustrator for Playboy. As part of his many accomplishments, Roger’s artworks have been exhibited in numerous art exhibitions around the globe; and has attracted the attention of many collectors, including the Town of Paris, Francis Lai, Philippe Sarde, Régine, Maurice Garnier, etc. In 2015, Roger was invited to exhibit his artworks in both the Biennale of London where he was awarded the London Biennale Art Prize, as well as in Florence.





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