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China Private Art Collection And Exchange Association


Contemporary art, Modern art, Old master paintings, Buddha art, Furniture Decorative Arts, Antique art, Chinese works of art, Jewelry, Stones, Gems, Gold items

One of the most well-known organisations dedicated to examining the remarkable Chinese culture and heritage is the China Private Art Collection and Exchange Association, which is made up of over 1600 professional collectors and has an unrivalled collection spanning 4,000 years from ancient artefacts to contemporary art.

The curators of several private museums and well-known industry collectors jointly founded the China Private Art Collection and Exchange Association. The goal is to offer a fantastic platform for exchanging knowledge and collecting experience for those who are interested in collecting and appreciating ancient cultural artworks.

Every conscientious Private collector owes it to themselves and their collections to protect them. Create a great private collectors group that explores historic cultural masterpieces, upholds Chinese traditions, and allows collection inheritance to occur in an orderly fashion. Treat one another with etiquette, respect one another, seek truth from facts, learn from one another.

Note: Prior to applying for membership, you must have at least five years of experience working for a reputable organisation in the industry. One or two year veterans of the industry are not accepted as newcomers.





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