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More information and resources on private collections and art investments are available to you at Oh Good Party.

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Brands & Designers

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Shanghai Viewing Stone Association

The Shanghai Viewing Stone Association is a branch of the Viewing Stone Association of China, which has over 10,000 members who are viewing stone collectors and enthusiasts.


Dutch Luxury Design - Art

Dutch Luxury Design is an International Art Agency that represents a selection of the best Dutch artists and is supported by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


China Private Art Collection And Exchange Association

Comprised of over 1683 professional collectors and an unparalleled collection spanning 4,000 years from ancient artifacts to contemporary art, CPACEA is one of the most recognized associations devoted to exploring the remarkable Chinese culture and heritage.


Cox & Kings

For 255 years, Cox & Kings has been evolving the art of travel. It means that you reap the benefits of over two and a half centuries of relationships — local experts, boutique accommodations, exclusive restaurants, insider experiences and cultural interactions you simply cannot get elsewhere.

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