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Cigar Enthusiasts



Cigar enthusiasts are not teaching you how to smoke cigars anymore. Anyone has the right and freedom to smoke cigars as he or she wishes. We share information about cigars and enjoy them with like-minded people.

A true cigar enthusiast does not go with the flow. We might try the cigar that the guest at the previous party recommended, but we use our own discretion and don't blindly go along with what others say.

Any unintentional behaviour in a social situation can give away a cigar enthusiast's preferences and habits. Instead of saying, "I want a cigar that tastes like that cigar," a fan of premium cigars will say, "I want a particular flavour of cigar. "

A good cigar, a Single Malt, or even better, an aged Cognac, for an hour and a half with two or three friends is a cigar enthusiast's paradise.





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