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Hongru Heirloom Art Collection Museum


Chinese works of art, Contemporary art, Cloisonné items, Old master artworks

From the Hongshan culture to modern art, the museum has a collection of nearly 10,000 precious and rare items, and is also the world's largest cloisonné and seal collection museum.

Continuing generations of heritage, through hardships, faithful to the culture of Hongru. The Hongru Heirloom Art Collection Museum is the result of the wisdom and dedication of several generations of the Zhang family. The collection includes the Cloisonné and Porcelain gallery, the Seal and Zisha Teapot gallery, the Bronze and Jade gallery, and the Tangka and Four treasures gallery. The most famous treasures of the museum are the "Twelve Animal Heads of Cloisonné" and the "Nine Dragon Wall", which are rare in the world.





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