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Auction house, Chinese works of art, art collection, exhibition, auction and transaction

NA-Auction is a name and place that speaks of extraordinary art, unparalleled service and expertise, as well as international glamour, offering annual spring and autumn sales and quarterly auctions. 

NA-Auction Inc has always adhered to the concept of focusing on the quality of the auction items and the quality of its services. On-site fine art from Chinese painting and calligraphy, Chinese 20th century and contemporary art, ceramics, handicrafts, antique books and books, stamps and coins and other categories are presented together, striving to provide collectors with a feast of the most beautiful ancient and modern art.

We together with the National Gallery of Canada, the Royal Ontario Museum of Canada, the Chinese Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and the North American Art Collection, has officially begun a worldwide collection of 1,000 fine art pieces from well-known domestic collectors, overseas art collection institutions, and even heirloom collections from the private sector. Throughout the changing times, people have preserved these precious works in various periods, and moreover, because of the firm and persistent spirit of appreciation and collection, the classical works can survive to be reproduced today, and we look forward to sharing the beauty of Chinese art with you.

We provide a series of comprehensive services such as art collection, exhibition, auction and transaction. Every aspect of the service will be checked by our professionals and communicated with you at any time, eliminating the language barrier and geographical limitation of communication. The goal of NA-Auctioni to become your best friend in the promotion and exchange of art in the world. Our goal is to "enrich your life with high-end art exchanges and shine your bright life with high-quality all-round services.





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