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Stainless Steel Sculpture


Contemporary art, Modern sculpture, Metal art

Breathtakingly powerful and expressive stainless steel sculptures. Exclusive design and top quality finish.The abstract geometric sculptures express light, purity and beauty. Jeroen Stok is a sculptor of exciting abstracted shapes inspired by nature.

My name is Jeroen Stok and I mainly make stainless steel sculptures and sculptures on commission. Images that are made very carefully and with a lot of personal attention. My aim is to deliver an exclusive quality, both in terms of design and in terms of finish.

For a long time, flower and flowering forms have been in my drawings and sculptures. This is not a conscious choice, they just get in. They also arise from strict symmetries. I find the transition from closed bud to open flower beautiful and wonderful. The statue of the tulip in Avenhorn was created shortly after my son was born. All the joy and wonder at the miracle of new life is in there.

I am satisfied with a work of art if it manages to express and shape the realities of those involved in my own way. And I’m really happy when it makes the people who see the image every day happier. Without patting myself on the chest, that is often the case in practice. I strive for the best quality, an exclusive design and perfect finish.

In recent years, my focus has therefore been more on applying visual art outside the appropriate art and exhibition circuit. As a visual artist, I find determining the appearance of a disability action against inaccessible polling stations very challenging and meaningful at the moment. I also find the thinking (as a visual artist) about the design and design of a new city district very interesting.





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