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A Celebration of Classic Cars and Collector Passion -Sotheby's

OGP | Collectors' Recommendations

Sept 11, 2023

Some classic cars, especially rare and historically significant models, can be regarded as collectibles, with their value potentially increasing over time. They are seen as an investment because their worth may rise in the future, especially when there is high demand in the collector's market.

This summary highlights the achievements of RM Sotheby's 26th annual Monterey auction - “Cars from 1980s–2010s Speed to Success in Monterey”, as well as the phenomenon of why some individuals collect vintage cars in large quantities. The auction achieved an impressive $164 million in sales and demonstrated a strong interest in cars from the 1980s, 1990s, and beyond. People are drawn to unique and historically significant classic cars, considering them symbols of investment, history, culture, and uniqueness. For some collectors, these vintage cars represent experiences of passion and interest, as well as opportunities for socializing and participating in events with fellow automotive enthusiasts. Despite being consumable goods, these cars are considered priceless treasures by those deeply passionate about automotive culture.

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