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Bonjour Jadeite

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Jewelry, Gemstone

These are precious private jadeite collectors' collections, many of which are rare and highest quality jadeite rarely found on the market. This collection was assembled by 29 top jadeite collectors and several jadeite brokers, mainly for collection exchange and private sales.

Jadeite, also known as Jadeite Jade, Cui Jade, Burmese Jade, is a type of jade. In ancient times, jadeite was a bird that lived in the south and had beautiful fur, usually blue, green, red, brown and other colors. The male of this bird is usually red, called "fei", and the female is green, called "cui". For historical reasons, the jadeite known as the "Jewel of the Orient" has been imported into our country through the border towns of Tengchong and Ruili in Yunnan for 400 to 500 years.

Jadeite is one of the minerals recognized as the gemstone jade. The most highly valued colors of jadeite are the most intensely green, translucent varieties. The finest-quality jadeite, almost transparent with a vibrant emerald-green color,is known as “Imperial jade.” The royal court of China once had a standing order for all available material of this kind, and it’s one of the world’s most expensive gems. Lavender is the next most valuable color. Intense colors command a substantial premium over lighter and weaker colors.

"Gold and silver have a price, but jade is for those who have a chance." Jade jewelry is rich in symbolic meaning and represents the desire for a better life and the pursuit of good fortune. These quality jadeite from the famous old field (old pit) of Myanmar origin can be passed down from generation to generation as heirlooms.

While we offer a full range of jewelry, we also work with national jade carvers to create the right jewelry for you. As we have always done, we still strive to maintain the quality and high standards of customer service that our loyal customers, past and present, have come to expect, providing excellent service while maintaining quality.









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