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Frequently Asked Questions

OGP is honoured to respond to all of your inquiries.

  • Is OGP available for free?
    Sure. OGP is eager to gather and share information about collections, as well as provide information about collections and investments to our collectors club and user members. To use it for free, you simply need to sign up as a member. You can obtain: - Discover out more about the industry. This is a compilation of collection-related information from all across the world, not just from one region. - Stories from collectors and historical events that have become legendary. OGP collectors are usually in the spotlight, such as the three major international auction houses, or the private collection room of the masters, and so forth. - Invitations to a variety of international events and exhibitions In addition to being eye-opening, OGP experts will engage with you to discuss and exchange critical insights. - In terms of education, the OGP offers a number of free courses. Many senior collectors and scholastic masters will conduct online tutorials to assist you in comprehending and learning the knowledge you desire. - You can also get monthly, quarterly, annual, and other e-issues of OGP Collectors Magazine, as well as information on connected publications and events, by subscribing to our free eMagazine.
  • Does OGP publish any other kind of content besides e-publications?
    Our members may easily find what they're looking for anywhere in the world thanks to regular e-publications. We collaborate with our members to produce, distribute, and advertise various publications as well as brief video series for documentation and education, in addition to monthly, quarterly, annual, and exclusive platinum digital magazines. Visit our Publishes to see more publications.
  • What makes OGP's event unique?
    The two primary components of OGP's activity are: - The Collector's Club gathers events in which its members take part, the majority of which are renowned exhibitions that serve as global representation. Including, but not limited to, the International Jewelry Exhibition, the Art Biennale, a particular master's solo event, etc. OGP will compile, sort, and share this information for your consideration and involvement. Please note: This type of activity is based on recommendation, and you need to purchase your own tickets. - Exhibitions and activities centred around the collection that are put on by OGP and its partners. As an example, there are events like art appreciation exchanges, special auctions for collections, talks by experts in the field, excursions to see the origins of treasures, and private collectors donating their collections as exhibitions to museums. Members can quickly and easily learn about international exhibitions through the OGP community's activities, and they can also meet other members who share their interests. You may discover more about the Events there.
  • Are there any further OGP sales channels?
    OGP provides a variety of flexible sales methods and private services, such as: 1. Online Store - OGP online Store selling platform, which can fully present your items: fixed pricing, commodity details, and connected services, may make it simpler for customers with clear purchase objectives to make decisions. 2. Auctions - Your items will be sold to the highest bidder throughout the time period in the public auction events (online and live simultaneously) of OGP and partners across the world. 3. Private Sales - OGP offers covert middleman services for pricey exchanges between buyers and sellers. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals also offers accurate services for everything from sales, legal, insurance, and mortgage to shipping specific items. 4. Event Promotions - OGP offers online and live simultaneous marketing of matching similar solutions for a wide range event themes, which can boost the likelihood that your items will be purchased. 5. Item Recommendations - To help you open up more international sales channels, OGP will propose your items to a few respected international auction houses, galleries, and exhibitions.
  • What advantages does OGP offer?
    OGP is a platform that offers services for investment and collection, bringing together international collectors and high-value items. Our Collector's Club members select OGP's recommendations to sift among items and make investments and purchases. Additionally, a significant number of our active members and followers from all around the world will use OGP to access market information and make purchases. A worldwide collectibles platform is the ideal resource if you want to market and sell your items. To offer strategic collectibles investment alternatives and the finest guidance, OGP's international team of consultants collaborates with leading professionals in many parts of the world. Your chances of selling will grow, in addition to gaining greater market recognition and a worldwide reputation.
  • What are the benefits of joining OGP's eCommerce Plans for me?
    Without people understanding its worth, even the best thing has no meaning. With our range of plans, you can pick the one that best serves your requirements for increasing sales and brand recognition. OGP will suggest your item to clients who are searching for similar items, making it easier for more people to find and follow you. Throughout the entire process of increasing the value of your items, an international team of experts is by your side. Marketing worldwide can increase your sales and attract more clients who genuinely like and want to purchase your items.
  • What features do the plans that OGP has released proportion?
    The choice of plan depends on your specific needs. We currently offer three types: Consignment, Marketing and Publicity, and Private Sales. Consignment is for those of you who already have some items in your inventory, such as past unused collections or fast-moving items. Your items can be posted in our store, and we'll match your items to our eMagazine and social media, which will make your items more visible to our members, subscribers and followers. Marketing and Publicity is suitable for those of you who have a private label, or if you own an item that has not yet been discovered for its value and you need to raise the commercial value and market awareness higher than you currently have, then our experienced international team of experts can assist you in advancing your plan to achieve the desired goal. Private Sales are suitable for high-end items. (See past auction results) If you have an item to sell, or would like to purchase please contact OGP, our private sales specialists, valuers and art brokers are available for visits throughout the year. Please also check out the Collectors’ Club and Services or contact us for more details.
  • How is the cost of items purchased through the OGP online Store calculated?
    Regardless of the option you choose, once the item is sold on the online Store, we will charge an additional 8% commission. OGP acts as a third party platform to protect the interests of both buyers and sellers. We will not notify the seller of the shipment until we have confirmed receipt of the payment, and we will also pay the seller for the item only after the buyer has received it to ensure a successful deal. The online Store is only used to collect orders and the items will be kept by you and will not be claimed from you for any reason. We also accept management of items with the authorization of the buyer and seller if the item has special case or is of high value. Please note: Integrity is of the utmost importance. Since this is an online transaction, please be sure to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the data, which includes, but is not limited to: item descriptions, details, pictures, prices, taxes, insurance, shipping, returns and problem handling. Please avoid disclosure and legal issues due to unclear descriptions. If your item description does not match the actual item condition, OGP reserves the right to remove your item information and seek financial compensation from you for any damages you have caused.
  • How can you get a refund when I paid but then change my mind?
    We will issue an unconditional refund within a week (7 days) so you have time to think about it. However, all work will start on time after a week, and you'll also get our calendar and work plan; at that point, we'll stop issuing refunds. Please be aware that your refund may incur transaction fees, which align with current industry standards. We kindly request that you reach out to our customer service team first if you encounter any issues. We are here to assist you and provide further guidance.
  • How do I purchase?
    Step 1: Subscribe for Digital Publications Before making a purchase, please visit OGP' Stories to ensure that your collection idea is valid. Except in cases when it suits your preferences, we never suggest that you buy and invest without doing your research. You should identify your passions. Subscribe to one of our e-catalogs or Collectors' eMagazines to learn more about the market. Browse the global showrooms of OGP online to find a specific item or to discover what's available in your area of interest. To start your search, type a word or phrase into the search box in the top right corner of the page. View our list of upcoming events and perform a search by calendar. There are thousands of collectors at OGP who collect contemporary art, master paintings, Asian art, fine jewelry, antiques, sculptures, coins, stamps, etc. Many people who share your interests will attend the same events. In-person conversations with experts are also possible at select events. Step 2: Sign up Creating an online account is the next step in joining the OGP. So that you never miss a story or piece of information in your area of interest, sign up to get email through your online account. Participating in member events throughout the world, receiving free courses and guides, following deals, and getting customised notifications about future unique or exceptional items are all advantages of having an online account. Additionally, online conversations with OGP staff members result in quicker expert responses. We may customise our services to meet your needs and improve your overall experience if you have an online account. Step 3: Payment When you pay for an item at OGP, you should receive an email from post-sale services and an invoice from the seller confirming the transaction. Please be aware that it may take up to 48 hours for all transfers to appear in our systems. Our Post-Sale Services team will be pleased to help you if you need any assistance with the payment process. Step 4: Shipping Please review the shipping details for the many shipping alternatives offered by transport. Take note that all items are shipped directly to you from the vendor; OGP do not offer storage for items unless it is necessary for the event.
  • Shipping
    Our dedicated shipping and logistics teams work with sellers, shippers and buyers to facilitate pickups and deliveries directly to you. We work with our shipping partners to provide a seamless end to end experience for our customers. Please note that delivery methods and times may vary based on your purchase, your location and the shipping service you select at checkout. Delivery times are estimated and cannot be guaranteed. Currently we offer one or more of the following shipping methods at checkout, depending on your purchase and your location: Standard & Express shipping Shipping is provided from the seller's location to you and delivered to your doorstep. Seller will provide liability coverage for property in transit subject to certain exclusions. Seller's carrier will coordinate item collection from the seller, packing and shipping of the item. Delivery does not include unpacking, inspection, assembly or installation. The carrier will be in contact with you prior to delivery to schedule an appropriate delivery time. Signature is required at delivery. Please note: The delivery may be expedited upon request, but may incur extra charges. Ship times may vary based on service levels indicated on the item’s product detail page. Customized items shipping Customized items shipping is provided from the seller's location to you, unpacked at your location and placed. Seller will provide liability coverage for property in transit subject to certain exclusions. OGP will coordinate item collection from the seller, packing, shipping and in-home delivery. Objects requiring installation may require a professional contractor at your expense. Items that are unable to be delivered for any reason will be returned to the seller, and you will be responsible for all return shipping charges, including shipping insurance. The carrier will be in contact with you prior to delivery to schedule an appropriate delivery time. Signature is required at delivery. Please note: The delivery may be expedited upon request, but may incur extra charges. Ship times may vary based on service levels indicated on the item’s product detail page. International Standard & Express shipping Shipping is provided via FedEx, UPS, or DHL from the seller’s location to you and delivered to your door. Seller will provide liability coverage for property in transit subject to certain exclusions. Signature is required at delivery. OGP's sellers currently ship to over 30+ countries internationally from the different countries. If your item qualifies to ship internationally it will be stated on the product detail page and at checkout. Items that are shipped internationally may be subject to customs duties, taxes or other fees set by the destination country and are solely the customer’s responsibility. These fees are in addition to the price and shipping cost charged at checkout and are typically collected prior to delivery depending on your destination. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the item(s) can be legally imported into the destination country. Regulations may prohibit importation of items made with exotic materials. Please note: The delivery may be expedited upon request, but may incur extra charges. Ship times may vary based on service levels indicated on the item’s product detail page. Shipping of high-value items - Transactions with a specific place, or a highly secure, logistical, and operational execution team. Transactions with a specific place are supplied to the seller and the client in a secure location where they can meet face to face, such as the OGP office or the seller's retail store. However, if a consumer is unable to reach a specific place, OGP also offers a choice of shipping options. Please get in touch with us so we can figure out the best plan for you. Subject to certain exceptions, the seller will provide liability coverage for property in transit. At the time of delivery, a signature is necessary. Please note: Ship times may vary based on service levels indicated on the item’s product detail page. Shipping cost Complimentary shipping will be indicated on the product detail page when applicable. For all other items, a shipping estimate will be provided in your cart. Please note, complimentary shipping is not offered for international orders. Shipping costs will be determined based on item type, weight and destination. Changing an address on a shipment Please contact seller or us to request an address change. Note that we may not be able to accommodate address changes once your order has been processed or shipped. Where changes are possible, additional shipping fees may apply. Requests for delay of delivery If you wish to delay the delivery of your shipment, please contact seller to determine whether the seller can accommodate your request. Storage fees may apply. Multiple deliveries Items ordered together may not arrive together. Track an order You will receive a shipping notification via email upon shipment of all or part of your order. Additional shipping updates may be provided by email.
  • Return Policy
    Items listed as final sale are ineligible for return. If an item is final sale, that information will be included in the "Details" section on the product page. Most antique, gems and pieces of fine jewelry are listed as final sale. Please Note: - Any customized items ordered by the customer are non-returnable. - Upon delivery of your order, request the shipping carrier's paperwork, and keep all packaging and shipping documents for your records. For items that are eligible for returns, buyers have one days from the date of delivery to inspect the object and contact OGP to request a Return Authorization. When contacting us to initiate a return, please include: - The reason for the return - Your order number (find this in your order confirmation email) - Your name and phone number - If the item arrived damaged, photos of the damaged item and packaging. Send a close-up photo of the area(s) of concern, and photos of the item as a whole. Photos are required to file a claim for damaged property. Once we review your return request, we will send you an email with further instructions. Each returned item must be received in the condition it was in when shipped. Note that all returns will be inspected upon receipt for authenticity and condition. We reserve the right to decline any return or deduct from amounts refundable for any damage to property. A refund of the purchase price paid, less any charges for which the buyer is responsible, will be processed upon confirmation that the item has been returned to the seller. Refunded amounts will be credited to the payment method used to purchase the relevant item. Please Note: -We are unable to honor a request for return that is received more than one days after delivery. - When returning an item from different country, you will be solely responsible for any return shipping costs, including any taxes or custom duties. Please don't be hesitant to get in touch with OGP. We'll work with you and the seller to reach a satisfactory solution.
  • How can I join the Private Collectors' Club?
    Step 1: Please send your first name, last name, and email to in order to complete an application to join the Collectors' Club. Step 2: A detail form will thereafter be given to you. Please be aware that personal identifying documents like such a photo ID, a proof of address, or a financial reference may be requested. Within 30 working days of receiving your request, we will reply.
  • Why are there no fees for Appraisals & Valuations and Purchasing Agent in the service content?
    Usually private sales and purchases are usually of higher value, so we have to be very careful. Both private sales and purchases are a complex and systematic workflow. The value of the item needs to be appraised first before valuing it. We recommend the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for jewelry, and we recommend the China National Cultural Relics Appraisal Commission for porcelain. All results must have a certificate from an authoritative accreditation body. After the authenticity of the certified items, (if you have an authoritative certificate, we will quickly verify the item and its certificate.) Our expert team will conduct value evaluation and sales operations based on the appraisal results and existing market conditions. In order to ensure that the value of the commodity will provide clients with accurate evaluation reports and investment advice. On this basis, we will negotiate and negotiate for clients, and finally ensure the smooth completion of the transact. In order to guarantee that your objectives are achieved, OGP will also assist you in entrusting your items to a trustworthy institutions. Please be aware that all estimations are merely estimates and could change when an expert examines them personally. The party requesting an estimated value must be the legal owner of any property submitted through this service.

To speak us about you require service, and our team of specialists can help and guide you, including appraisals and valuations, private sales and purchases, and more. Or if you require assistance setting up an OGP‘s account, or wish to place a plan that is right for you, please contact us and get more information.

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