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With OGP online Store's CONSIGNMENT service, you can quickly increase the global market and sales channels for your items. In addition, we will advertise your brand and items to grow your fan base.



OGP provides professional analysis and MARKETING services to help your items rapidly increasing its visibility in the global marketplace in order to efficiently reach the right target group of clients and ultimately achieve the ideal deal price.



OGP have a better understanding of market trends and collectors' needs thanks to our experience collecting, and in addition to focusing on specific items for purchases, we also support PRIVATE SALES between collectors.

eCommerce Plans

Multiple selling strategies that offer you the necessary flexibility.



The Consignment service provides you with the online store to sell, where you can post 25 - 50 items per month for sale. In order to get your items found by more buyers, we will also recommend your items in OGP eMagazine and social media to get more buyers interested in your items.

Note: 8% commission will be charged for any transacted items in the online store.

For high value and rare items, we recommend not only to private collectors, but also to partner institutions. For example: industry collecting associations and related organizations, multinational auction houses, private galleries and museums, etc. We have the flexibility to choose the right platform for you to achieve the highest possible price for your item, please contact us for PRIVATE SALES.



Global Marketing

Your items will be promoted to OGP members, collectors club members, users of social media, potential business partners, etc. OGP will rapidly increase popularity and can also efficiently target clients who are interested in purchasing your items through global marketing.

Discover Value

OGP will help people understand the potential and value of your items. Along with publishing a regular eMagazine to advertise the items, we will also create exciting and engaging stories for you. Our market analysts, appraisers, senior editors and professional design team are at your service throughout the entire process. To get closer to your desired results, we will communicate with you sincerely on every issue and customize the right content for you, which will serve the purpose of both satisfying the market and boosting the sales of your items.

Professional Support

In order to introduce you to the wider audience of collectors and followers, OGP will give you a brand project that includes a thorough description of your brand and/or items. In-depth information about your brand, a showcase of all the item images, a list of the unique features and characteristics of the items, contact information and a link to your personal website are all included in the content.

Presale Exhibition & Online Ordering

OGP will provide you with an online store collection where you can add up to thousands of items using your own brand name or event-specific name. Since we have collector members in different parts of the world, you can use this as the best option for presale exhibition and online ordering for your event. We will also fully assist you in promoting your business, which has the advantage of attracting more buyers to your items.

Targeted Sales

Targeted Sales are for member subscribers who have registered with a clearly defined collection objective, members of the OGP Private Collectors Club, and premium customers who have commissioned us to purchase similar collections. It maximises the value of your items and enables more precise identification of buyers who are interested in your offerings.

Platinum eMagazine

The multi-language Platinum eMagazine, also published by OGP, will be a spectacular and exclusive edition that tends to attract the interest of many sophisticated collectors, as well as collecting enthusiasts. You can also use it in various sales events such as individual exhibitions, partner promotions, retail stores, on-site ordering, and more. A team of professional designers and editors create the content and layout of your publication, and we will provide you with a high-resolution digital layout of the issue for printing and distribution.



To quickly learn the state of your collection and the most effective way to close the deals, please contact OGP for year-round access to our private sales specialists, appraisers, and art brokers.

Note: Commissions are charged according to the type of item and the region.


What advantages does OGP offer?

OGP is a platform that offers services for investment and collection, bringing together international collectors and high-value items. Our Collector's Club members select OGP's recommendations to sift among items and make investments and purchases. Additionally, a significant number of our active members and followers from all around the world will use OGP to access market information and make purchases.

A worldwide collectibles platform is the ideal resource if you want to market and sell your items. To offer strategic collectibles investment alternatives and the finest guidance, OGP's international team of consultants collaborates with leading professionals in many parts of the world. Your chances of selling will grow, in addition to gaining greater market recognition and a worldwide reputation.


What are the benefits of joining OGP's eCommerce Plans for me?

Without people understanding its worth, even the best thing has no meaning. With our range of plans, you can pick the one that best serves your requirements for increasing sales and items recognition. OGP will suggest your item to clients who are searching for similar items, making it easier for more people to find and follow you. Throughout the entire process of increasing the value of your items, an international team of experts is by your side. Marketing worldwide can increase your sales and attract more clients who genuinely like and want to purchase your items.


What features do the the plans that OGP has released proportion?

The choice of plan depends on your specific needs. We currently offer three types: Consignment, Marketing and Publicity, and Private Sales.


Consignment is an appropriate way to sell circulating items quickly. Your items can be posted in our store, and we'll match your items to our eMagazine and social media, which will make your items more visible to our members, subscribers and followers. You can further cut costs, labour, and time by consigning.


When an item hasn't yet lived up to your expectations and you need Marketing and Publicity help, that's when it's necessary to use those services. Increase the market awareness and commercial value beyond where they are now, and our knowledgeable team of experts from around the world can help you carry out your plans to the fullest extent possible.


Private Sales provide a discrete and highly bespoke service that matches specific items with the client's needs. OGP has a sizeable collectors' group, so the platform was created so that collectors could exchange items with one another. If you have an item to sell, or would like to purchase please contact OGP, our private sales specialists, valuers and art brokers are available for visits throughout the year.


Please also check out the Collectors’ Club and Services or contact us for more details.


How is the cost of items purchased through the OGP online Store calculated?

Regardless of the option you choose, once the item is sold on the online Store, we will charge an additional 8% commission. OGP acts as a third party platform to protect the interests of both buyers and sellers. We will not notify the seller of the shipment until we have confirmed receipt of the payment, and we will also pay the seller for the item only after the buyer has received it to ensure a successful deal. The online Store is only used to collect orders and the items will be kept by you and will not be claimed from you for any reason. We also accept management of items with the authorization of the buyer and seller if the item has special case or is of high value.


Please note: Integrity is of the utmost importance. Since this is an online transaction, please be sure to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the data, which includes, but is not limited to: item descriptions, details, pictures, prices, taxes, insurance, shipping, returns and problem handling. Please avoid disclosure and legal issues due to unclear descriptions. If your item description does not match the actual item condition, OGP reserves the right to remove your item information and seek financial compensation from you for any damages you have caused.


How can you get a refund when I paid but then change my mind?

We will issue an unconditional refund within a week (7 days) so you have time to think about it. However, all work will start on time after a week, and you'll also get our calendar and work plan; at that point, we'll stop issuing refunds.


How can we help you today?

OGP is honoured to respond to all of your inquiries.

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