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Contemporary Artists Painting Selection

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Contemporary art, Digital art, Painting, Urban art

Art is timeless, but the art market is fluid, and whatever forces are driving changing consumer tastes may influence the winds of the collecting market. Here is a collection of works by contemporary artists from a variety of countries that can be used as a reference for collectors.

Contemporary art, often referred to as postmodernist art. Since most art critics agree that modern art ended in the 1960s, it refers to artworks created since the 1960s.

Beyond the masters like Van Gogh, Monet, Qi Baishi, Xu Beihong, and Picasso, who are in museum galleries and sky-high forms at auction houses, there are many contemporary artists who have risen to prominence.

Contemporary artworks are characterized more by a diversity of media, including: modes of production, communication displays, and audience perception. The development of ideas and concepts for creation often uses mixed media formats. But regardless of the format, the purpose of art is to express the artist's understanding and reflection on things.

This collection brings together paintings by active contemporary artists from different countries and regions around the world, and also presents different social states and reflections from different periods. We hope that these contemporary artworks can provide some inspiration and reference for contemporary art collectors.









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