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Crystal Capital

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Natural art, Viewing stone art, Contemporary art

The brilliant crystals were formed gradually over millions or even billions of years in the Earth's interior and are a gift from nature. A work of art without equal in vitality, it is a masterpiece.

With a history dating back to the 19th century, Donghai is referred to as the capital of crystal and is renowned for its substantial deposits of high-quality and pure natural crystals. Due to its extensive trade, it has also developed into the crystal distribution hub of the world.

Phantom quartz has recently gained popularity among collectors. This exhibit features the private holdings of several seasoned collectors from the Donghai region, and by showcasing these unique crystals, we hope to increase public awareness of and interest in unique quartz.

Natural crystals (Rock crystal) come in a wide variety of forms, not all of which are desirable for collecting. Since rarity and uniqueness are key components of collecting, most unusual crystals are the focus of collectors. Like Phantom quartz, Golden Rutilated quartz, etc., since it is impossible to find two crystals that are exactly alike anywhere in the world.

Crystals with the richest internal inclusions and unique crystalline formations, as well as those with clear, hard textures and the most intense and vibrant colours, are chosen by collectors. Clinopyroxene, mica, tourmaline, rutile, and a host of other inclusions form a variety of abstract patterns with excellent artistic appeal.









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