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The dazzling hues of colored gemstones have graced prestigious jewelry for centuries. Beautiful and rare, each natural gemstone in this collection is unique and worthy of being treasured.

Currently, more than 230 of the 3,000 minerals in the world are available as gemstones, but only 20 to 30 are well known.

Natural gemstones are a gift from nature to mankind, and their vibrant colours not only bring beauty and pleasure but also a sense of rarity and exclusivity that drives up the price of high-quality coloured stones, overcoming the passage of time and the cycle of economic ups and downs to produce a secure and stable return on investment and constant appreciation.

Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are the only four gemstones in the world that are considered to be "Big." Gem collectors prefer them because of one crucial factor: the knowledge that they can be quickly sold and traded. Gem collectors gather naturally occurring, untreated, priceless, and uncommon varieties of gemstones that are over five carats in weight, have fine cuts, and are the most sought-after for investment.

Particularly, rarity is valuable because it makes certain gems rare and valuable. This is because certain deposits are becoming increasingly scarce, mining capacity is declining, and extinct or closed mines are beginning to appear in well-known production areas. Numerous kinds of gemstones are now harder to find, which raises their price and, in the case of large, high-quality carat stones, necessitates luck.

The Collection is a group of gemstone hunters, gemologists, collectors, and brokers whose goal is to showcase the value and beauty of natural gemstones to a larger audience interested in gemstone collecting as well as to recommend private collections to collectors, connoisseurs, and gemstone lovers.









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