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Contemporary art, Urban art, Fashion

Where creative inspiration and everyday life collide. Explore the beautiful small objects in your life that you can collect using common materials.

The history of art in the 20th century is full of experiments in the integration of art and everyday life. Historical avant-garde art and popular culture art are particularly notable among them, with the former devoted to excavating the poetic and non-daily nature of everyday life and the latter emphasizing creation in the everyday, both of which constitute important elements of the aesthetic practice of everyday life in different paths and have profoundly influenced the changes in artistic conceptions.

Collecting is a pleasure and a way of life. Beautiful things can delight oneself and comfort another onlooker. Not every collection has to have an expensive price tag; some small beautiful objects from everyday life can be a gift or a piece of your mind and feelings at a certain time.

How can you make art out of the mundane everyday life? Here may be some inspiration for you.









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