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Selda Okutan Sculptural Jewelry

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Jewelry design, Sculpture jewelry art, Contemporary art

The jewellery featuring tiny figures in different states of motion. Made of oxidised silver and other precious metals, the remarkably intricate pieces are like miniature sculptures that each tell a story about the human condition.

Turkish designer Selda Okutan established Selda Jewelry Design Studio in 2009 and move to Tophane and open Selda Okutan Gallery. She creates miniature statuettes in the form of jewelry. She makes wearable art, and transforms rings, earrings and necklaces into stages where miniature gold and silver figures act and dance together. Indeed, each of her collections is intended to tell a different story from "Purgatory," the bridge of the ring is intricate thin weaving of silver, or "For Love," a two-finger ring where sterling silver and bronze figures intertwine, forming the shaft of the ring. Okutan is one of the only designers to literally incorporate the human form into her designs. Her work is great for those with a minimalist style as well as those that are looking for statement pieces. The jewelry, here, is actual art that you can wear. The pieces at the Okutan's studio and gallery blur conventional lines between art, craft and jewelry.









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