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Ursula Kofahl-lampron

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Contemporary art, Painting

Ursula is a contemporary outstanding artist who considers herself an automatist because she creates her art entirely with her imagination and rarely, if ever, uses reference photos. She was invited to have her horse sculptures displayed at the Louvre. The Maître en Beaux Arts title was bestowed upon her by the Académie Internationale des Beaux-Arts du Quebec. Her work has been shown in Florence, New York, Florida, Los Angeles, Montreal, Quebec, and Ontario, among other places.

Ursula Kofahl Lampron was born in Hamburg, Germany, a year after the end of World War II. She immigrated with her parents to the United States in 1951, where she started her artistic career. In 1970, she immigrated to Montreal, Canada with her husband to study Studio Art at Concordia University. Ursula has studied art with Laurent Bonet, son of famous Spanish artist Jordi Bonet (1*); as well as Francoise Sullivan (2*), one of the signers of the “Refus Global”. In December 2007, Ursula was invited to exhibit her horse sculptures at Le Louvre. She has been awarded the Maître en Beaux Arts by l’Academie Internationale des Beaux-Arts du Quebec. In addition, her works have been exhibited in Florence (Italy), New York, Florida, Los Angeles, Montreal, Quebec, Ontario, and many others.









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