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This event can no longer be booked.


This will be a small-scale commercial event that takes the form of a market fair.

  • Ended
  • 35 Canadian dollars
  • Leslie Street

Service Description

Before 1990, phantom crystals were only sought for by mineral collectors. The "Comet Halley" was ignored at the corner of the alley as a result of its inclusions. The 200 gramme crystal ball was purchased by Mr. Zhu, the subsequent owner, for about 12 Chinese yuan. Later, he gave the crystal ball the moniker "Comet Halley" and gave it the design of an alien spacecraft. A jeweller eventually bought it for 140,000 yuan. When phantom quartz finally materialised in people's dreams, this incident was reported on both CCTV and People's Daily. Phantom quartz comes in a variety of hues, including green, red, blue, and many others. Other minerals will inexorably get caught inside as these bright diamonds grow at the Earth's core. Phantom quartz is one of nature's finest artists, producing the most intricate works of art and revealing the most breathtaking sights. Please Note: - This will be a small-scale commercial event that takes the form of a market fair. - You are allowed to buy, sell, and share information about phantom quartz and associated items. For this special occasion, three exceptional businesses from the "Crystal Capital" of the globe will join us and impart their knowledge. - Refreshments and beverages are offered. - Advance reservations are required for every participant. - All goods that are offered for sale have to be registered (certified) as natural crystals. At this event, we do not accept artificial or imitation items. - You will receive further event information, such as the numerous crystal products available for purchase at this event and service arrangements, after making a reservation. - Three days previous to the event's date is the last day to make a reservation. We do not provide refunds beyond this date, so if you can't make it, please cancel your reservation before this one.

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