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OGP offers antique tea and teapot collectors an opportunity for education and biz communication.

  • Ended
  • 200 Canadian dollars
  • No.1218 Middle Yan'an Road, Jing'an and SHA Railway Station, Shanghai, China

Service Description

For many centuries, tea has been an important part of Chinese culture. Many famous Chinese painters, calligraphers, and seal carvers have been involved in the tea and teapot business at some point in their life. Iits aesthetics reflected contemporary cultural and philosophical ideas. Zisha has been the preferred choice for brewing gong fu cha. It contains just the right amount of clay and minerals to produce round, soft, silky water that rises to the roof of the mouth and then evaporates like vapour. Zisha Tea Pot developed during the Song dynasty but reached its peak of popularity during the early Ming and Qing dynasties. As tea preparation became more simple, this very elegant but simple style of earthenware became increasingly popular. During the earlier Tang Dynasty, the preparation of tea included the grinding of leaves and the addition of incense. As this complicated method fell out of favour, it was replaced by the use of simple, but delicious whole tea leaves and buds. The unglazed and uncolored purple sand clay teapot demonstrated the best ability to capture the true colour and fragrance of this new type of tea. The Chinese have developed some of the best pots, cups, and utensils, including the Yixing clay tepot, Gaiwan porcelain teapot, and bamboo tea tray, to name a few. When using traditional tools, you can get a true taste of Chinese tea. Please Note: - This event has a capacity of 30 business members. - OGP share expertise and information about historical treasures, and provides offers an opportunity for those interested in in-depth discussions, acquiring new knowledge, and educating others with personal expertise on antiques and collectibles, with the hope of raising awareness of the importance of educating more people on the significance of heritage and culture. - Collectors are welcome to bring items from their collections for discussion and appraisal. - There are no any certifications available at this event. If you require these documents, please contact the appropriate organisations. - Throughout the event, security is provided. However, OGP is not liable for insurance or any unexpected events that occur after the event. Please be cautious and protect your personal belongings. - Dinner of Asian cuisine is available. - A reservation must be made in advance. - The reservation deadline is five days before the event date. If you are unable to attend the event, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible to ensure a refund.

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