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The latest information and statistics will be presented in the discourse on Art Capitalizations.

  • Ended
  • 300 Canadian dollars
  • Fairmont Peace Hotel, 20 Nanjing Road East, Shanghai, China

Service Description

Many venture capital firms have shifted their attention in recent years from making investments in financial markets to the arts industry. The amount invested annually in new art-related businesses is increasing tremendously. In the Chinese market, AVIC International invested 200 million RMB in the "EPAI" online platform for antique auctions in 2012. This investment helped to unite 5,000 reputable auction associations from around the world and facilitated cross-regional business transactions between collectors, auction associations, antique dealers, galleries, and other businesses through online auctions, direct trading, and other processes. In 2015, GF Xinde Investment invested 100 million RMB in Zhao Online, an online organisation that targets the art market by offering real-time price updates, protection and insurance services, and a discussion forum, with a focus primarily on the collection of stamps, coins, literature, and artworks. Hongtu Hi-Tech announced its acquisition of the Council, an association for auctions, in March 2016.Poly Huayi International Auction was founded in June. In the international market: According to Hiscox's financial records from 2015, the overall online sale of artwork climbed by 24%. A 15 million USD investment from Alibaba was made in the American electronics startup 1stdibs in January 2014, in addition to investments from Benchmark, Index Ventures, and Spark Capital. The company Shanda creates video games, and it is currently negotiating to buy Sotheby's shares. Borro, a provider of luxury asset loans, has received investments from Augmentum Capital and Canaan Partners. Israeli venture finance has supported Verisart, a business that provides digital provenance to physical artefacts that can be checked online and in real time. The three most popular investment strategies now are tied: real estate development, equity ownership, and artwork investments. However, investing in art is significantly less risky than the previous two categories of investments, and its potential for gain is just as great. Please Note: - There is a 30 Business Member maximum for this Event. - The latest information and statistics will be presented in the discourse on Art Capitalizations. The goal is to share expertise, integrate resources, and achieve clinch cooperation. - Lunch is offered. - Reservations are required. The registration deadline is 5 days prior to the event's scheduled start time. If you won't be attending, kindly let us know.

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