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  • Ended
  • Baoku Jiangxin Art Center, 501 Yincheng Middle Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China

Service Description

The Baoku Jiangxin Art Center focuses on traditional Chinese crafts and culture, bringing together over 50 national arts and crafts masters and intangible inheritors, as well as 300 masterpieces by contemporary top artists, displaying ceramics, thangkas, sculptures, glaze, metals, lacquerware, embroidery, Kesi, furniture, and many other representative craft categories in traditional Chinese crafts. The 2,000-square-meter exhibition hall is divided into three themed exhibition halls: the main exhibition hall in area A, the temporary exhibition hall in area B, the temporary exhibition hall in area C, and 28 independent exhibition halls. It demonstrates the beauty of Chinese craftsmanship and culture in three dimensions. The main exhibition hall in Area A focuses on Chinese classic and unique crafts and intangible cultural heritage art, such as Thangka, She nationality silver carvings, Longquan swords, and so on, which reflect the cultural and aesthetic awareness of various regions in China and Kyushu. It demonstrates the nation's unique spirit of ingenuity in the inheritance of classic craftsmanship. The temporary exhibition hall in B area will feature the main categories of China's top ten crafts, primarily ceramic art. It is presented in the form of a combination of historical famous porcelain representing the heyday of porcelain art development and porcelain categories that are innovative and inherited in modern times. It enables viewers to experience the full cultural context of porcelain as well as the classic oriental aesthetics represented by porcelain. The temporary exhibition hall in Area C primarily displays crafts and art works that incorporate contemporary life concepts and aesthetics, such as Shanghai-style lacquerware, purple sand art, and glazed art, presenting a new blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary beauty. Simultaneously, international craft exchange exhibitions and domestic regional special craft theme exhibitions will be held in the exhibition hall on an irregular basis to encourage the exchange and promotion of domestic and international art and industry. Customers can also converse with masters in the tea house and participate in auctions in the multifunctional hall. It also catered to customers looking for a high-end collection. Tips: - Tue, Oct 15 @ 10 : 00 am - Tue, Dec 31 @ 4 : 00 pm - The Art Center is open all year. - Baoku Jiangxin Art Center, Shanghai Tower, 501 Yincheng Middle Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China

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