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Recommendations from senior stone collectors and the Shanghai Viewing Stone Association

  • Ended
  • Shanghai Putuo Cultural Center, 138 Lanxi Rd, Putuo, Shanghai, China

Service Description

Chen Shubo, a young Yuhua stone collector, has contributed his collection for the show. Since Mr. Chen started collecting Yuhua Stone in 2004, it has drawn a lot of attention. This display features around 200 magnificent Nanjing Yuhua Stones from his personal collection. This exhibition is divided into fifteen showcases, each of which highlights the theme of "natural transformation" and is arranged according to themes such as characters, animals, scenery, flowers, and inventiveness. The showcases also have exquisite titles that may have deep meanings or delicious flavours. It displays the strong character and cultural upbringing of Shanghai's younger collector generation. The Yuhua stone is a type of ornamental stone that is exclusive to China. It was discovered in the Yuhuatai District of Nanjing, hence its name. These stones have long been prized by collectors due to their exquisite patterns, vibrant designs, and unusual shapes. The Yuhua stones' most mystical power, however, lies in their extraordinary capacity to inspire fans' imaginations. Each Yuhua stone's aesthetic value is therefore subjective. The thing that stands out most in my mind about Nanjing is a particular kind of stunning stone that is unique to this "Stone City." Stone markets in Nanjing's Yuhuatai and Fuzimiao districts are popular gathering places for traders and collectors. Within each tiny porcelain pan found in the market, submerged in the crystal-clear pools of water they hold, are exquisite, gorgeous stones. The patterns on these stones resemble flowers, landscapes, or exquisite paintings. They are all glittering and translucent, appearing to contain rainbows, and the images on them gracefully swing with the moving water. They were known as Yuhuashi, or rain-flower stones. The exhibition is put on by senior Yuhua Stone collectors such as Rongquan, Lu Xiangming, and Shi Xieyuan, Deputy Secretary General of the Shanghai Viewing Stone Association, Director of the Pattern Stone Special Committee, Tong Shigen, Deputy Secretary General, Liu Lianwei, Deputy Director of the Pattern Stone Special Committee, consultant Zhong Lingqiang, etc. widely accepted recommendations. Tips: - Mon, May 1 @ 9 : 00 am - Thu, May 25 @ 5 : 00 pm (25 days of the session) - Shanghai Putuo District Cultural Center, 138 Lanxi Rd, Putuo, Shanghai, China

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