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Recommended by Power Station of Art and OGP Collectors Club.

  • Ended
  • 678 Miaojiang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, 200011

Service Description

Date: 2023-11-09 through 2024-03-31 Venue: Power Station of Art, Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum Address: 678 Miaojiang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, 200011 Event Description: The 14th Shanghai Biennale focuses on the theme of "Cosmos Cinema," tracing the historical narrative of humanity's understanding of itself through ancient contemplation of the night sky. This theme immerses the audience in a temporal and spatial realm, encouraging contemplation of the laws governing the universe and our position within it. Chief Curator Antoine Vidock emphasizes, "The universe shapes every aspect of our lives, whether intentionally – giving rise to our origin stories, religions, concepts of time, economic systems, navigation tools, agriculture, science, and social order through interpretations of the stars – or unintentionally, through the various impacts of phenomena like tidal fluctuations and solar flares." The exhibition aims to explore how our relationship with the universe profoundly influences all aspects of the world. Utilizing diverse art forms such as painting, installations, sculpture, imagery, performances, and literature, the 14th Shanghai Biennale employs a global expression and artistic narrative to three-dimensionally present the varied interpretations of cosmic philosophy and aesthetics by artists from both China and around the world. The exhibition delves into the profound connection between cosmic phenomena and human existence. Featuring artists from six continents and 41 countries, a total of 79 individual/group artists, including 17 from China, showcase 23 newly commissioned and produced works. These artworks span from the early 20th century to the present. The curatorial team emphasizes that in a nation with a rich history of cosmic philosophy and artistic expression, artists from around the world, together with Chinese artists, converge like constellations. This resonates with Shanghai, an international metropolis and the birthplace of Chinese cinema, collectively composing the magnificent narrative of this "Cosmos Cinema." Tips: - Opening Hours: Nov 9 2023 @11:00 am - Mar 31, 2024 7 : 00 pm. Open Tuesday – Sunday. Closed Mondays. Open on Statutory Holidays. - Admission: The ticket cost ¥60 per Adult General Admission, Please visit Power Station of Art to view and order tickets.

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