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OGP recommends and provides unique small-group excursions and exploration opportunities.

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The compassionate enjoy mountains, the knowledgeable enjoy water, said Confucius. The gentle are quiet, the smart are active. The humane live long lives, and the intelligent are content. Canada is a photographer's paradise. Photographers interested in street life or documentaries can spend days wandering the city and discovering intriguing subjects at every turn. Canada, the largest nation in North America, is a vast land that includes stunning mountains, breathtaking coastlines, unexplored woods, open grasslands, and Arctic tundra. Our photography trips' accommodations and activities have been thoughtfully planned so that you can get a thorough introduction to Canada's history, landscapes, and cultures. We gratefully acknowledge the numerous talented photographers within our ranks, some of whom have held positions with travel periodicals. A few members have 40 years of combined experience in photography and are also collectors and painters. The National Geography published their photographs. You can now enjoy a self-drive vacation in Canada that not only exceeds your expectations, but is also your entryway to an amazing trip to Canada! We are adamant about finding the best photography places and sharing them with you. Kluane National Park, Yukon, in March Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta, in April Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland in May The Muskoka Lakes, Ontario, in June Long Beach, Tofino, and British Columbia in July Please Note: - There is a monthly cap of 30 people for this event. - This event is a self-drive tour for OGP members, and we are confident that there will be something of interest. It will give OGP members the chance to connect with other tours and share interesting and pertinent resources, as well as to network for future business relationships. - There are countless alternatives for routes and activities throughout our entire range of suggested Canada holidays, but to offer you some inspiration, we've also included some traditional Canada touring routes on our itineraries plan. - You are responsible for covering all personal costs associated with your activity. You must bring your own camera and accessories. As the event planner, OGP solely offers planning and reference choices, such as accommodation, meal, and ticket reservations. - If you are interested in attending, kindly make a reservation in advance.

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