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OGP Collectors Club recommends.

  • Ended
  • The Shanghai Library, 1555 Huaihai Middle Rd, Shanghai, China

Service Description

Professional painting conservators handle the conservation and restoration of paintings. Knowing the materials and supports of any given painting allows for proper restoration and conservation practises. Each component of a painting will react differently to its surroundings, impacting the artwork as a whole. These material components, along with collection care (also known as preventive conservation), will determine a painting's longevity. The first step in conservation and restoration is preventive conservation, followed by active restoration with the artist's intent in mind. Although it is impossible to restore a painting to its original state, conservators can help to extend the life of a painting through careful preservation, documentation, and restoration. Some of the calligraphy and painting works repaired by Fei Yongming are on display in "Amid the Charms of the Natura - Exhibition Fei Yong Ming's Yangzhou Style of Ancient Calligraphy & Painting Restoration Art." There were the Tang Dynasty's "Big Prajna Paramita," the Song Dynasty's "Zha Yuanfang Shu Ding's Like," "Xin'an Zhu's Chronicles," and the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties' "eight pages of calligraphy." "Plum Blossoms" by Jin Nong, "Four Screens" by Zhang Yuxi, "Seven Words Couplet" by Bao Shichen, "Lin Quan Qing Ji" by Zhu Qizhan, Scrolls by Xu Jiexin, "Taiwan Axis" by Wanshou, and others. Fei Yongming's unique understanding and feelings about Chinese painting and calligraphy are reflected in these Yangzhou-style restoration works. Tips - Sat, Sep 15 @ 8 : 00 am - Tue, Sep 18 @ 9 : 00 pm - The Shanghai Library, 1555 Huaihai Middle Rd, Shanghai, China - On Oct 18th, 2017, at 10:00 a.m., the first library held an opening ceremony.

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