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Recommended by Shanghai Haipai Art Museum and OGP Collectors Club.

  • Ended
  • H1, H2, H3, Shanghai Haipai Art Museum, No. 1536 Xin Zhen Road, Shanghai, China

Service Description

Date: 2023-03-24 through 2023-4-23 Venue: Shanghai Haipai Art Museum Address: H1, H2, H3, Shanghai Haipai Art Museum, No. 1536 Xin Zhen Road, Shanghai, China Event Descriptions "FOOTPRINTS OF BRUSH AND INK - FENG YUAN ART EXHIBITION" refer to the marks left at different periods of time. These works also reflect the 40-year creative process of Mr. Feng Yuan, Vice President of the Central Institute of Cultural and Historical Research, Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Artists Association, and artist, which includes progress, development, and changes. The theme of this exhibition is "Ink Footprints", presented through five major themes: "Shangyi Humanities", "Shangji Form and Spirit", "Beyond Appearance", "In Poetry and History", and "Between Existence and Non-existence". More than 500 pieces of artwork are on display, mainly in ink and color, with new painting styles, rigorous and vivid forms, and a strong life-like atmosphere. The highest level of recognition for wildlife photographers is winning the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. This exhibition gives photographers a well-known international platform to display their work while celebrating our beautiful planet and inspiring all of us to reconsider how our actions affect our common home. This analysis of the epidemic's latter stages makes people aware of the need to preserve the environment. Through Feng Yuan's art, you can see the history and human records of different periods in China. His representative works include: Chinese paintings "The Wise Men of the Century", "Qu Fu Ci Yi", "This Life and the Next", "Roaming Free", "Distant Mountains", "Heart Flag", "Pursuing the Sun", and more. His main publications include: "The Record of the Eastern Window", "Return is Not Like Not Returning", "Return to Simplicity", "The Art of People and the People of Art", "Using the Heart of Inheritance to Create Works of Inheritance", "Watercolor Figure Painting Tutorial", and more, totaling over one million words. His works have been published in various collections, collections of essays, and textbooks. Tips: - Mar 24 2023 @ 9:00 am - Apr 23, 2023 5 : 00 pm.

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