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This event can no longer be booked.


A total of 30 pieces of rare jewellery will be displayed throughout.

  • Ended
  • 500 Canadian dollars
  • Jian Ye Li 480 Jianguo Rd West, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

Service Description

Shanghai style (Haipai) exudes a unique blend of East and West. Traditional Shanghai is full of flavor; it is mysterious, courteous, and lavish. The gentlemen and ladies converse in an elegant room, both graceful and humble. Although trends come and go, the classics never go out of style. The fantastical twentieth century was hazy with lavish and colourful lifestyles, black and white fashion, and collage wallpapers. If you had two necklaces of pure pearls during this graceful period when supreme pleasure was the pursuit, you could have owned 653 Fifth Avenue in New York City. Shanghai style in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, like quality jewellery, is beautiful and worth collecting. It is also a balance of history and modern life. The summer breeze caresses our faces, and the jewellery is delightful and valuable. Please Note: - There is a limit of 30 people for this event. Members are permitted to bring one guest. - A total of 30 pieces of rare jewellery will be displayed throughout. You can browse and try on any item you like before purchasing it, or you can share your knowledge and interests with others. - All items have been certified as untreated gems and have a grading report. - We advocate for re-evaluation and appraisal. If you have any questions, our jewellery specialists will be able to answer them on the spot. - We will provide one free maintenance service to any buyer for all gem jewelries with a CT of 2.5 or higher. - Providing a French lunch. - A reservation is required in advance. After you make your reservation, you will receive information about the event and the products. If you are unable to attend the event, please cancel five days in advance. - We do not recommend that you bring any purchased products with you as you leave our event for security reasons. We will record and archive your purchased products and deliver them to your designated location, along with a 7mm Tahitian pearl as a gift. - Throughout the duration of this event, safety and security will be ensured. They do not apply after you leave the venue. Please keep your personal belongings and valuables safe.

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