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This event can no longer be booked.


This event's jewellery is all from the original source, lowering the price significantly.

  • Ended
  • 8500 Leslie Street, Markham, ON, Canada

Service Description

Historical supermodels like Empress Dowager Cixi and Soong Mei-ling liked jadeite jade (Madame Chiang Kai-shek). No other gem is as charming, despite the fact that it has only just been widely available and was not thought to have the same price or historical significance. The investment value of jadeite is increasing the quickest. As a popular choice for a collectable, investment, and family heirloom, it has come to represent luxury and elegance. Jadeite is getting harder to find compared to other gems because of its low availability and high demand. It only occurs natively in Myanmar's northern regions. When handled through several vendors, the prices soar even more. Please Note: - All jewellery pieces are from the original source, which helps to keep the price down significantly. - The grade A natural jadeite on show originates from Myanmar. Certificates are offered. - The prices of the products range from $500 to $900 USD. - You have the choice of physically attending the event and placing an online order. The occasion will take place on August 27. While supplies last, the online sale period runs from August 28 to September 3. - Only 50 members can attend this event each day, which has a cap on attendance. The online sale is open to everyone who is a member. Please sign up for a free account at "Sign up" if you want to make a purchase but are not yet an OPG member. - There is no room for price negotiations. For the calibre of the goods, the sale prices are far below market value. - Due to the fact that all things are transported directly from Myanmar, all sales are final. Except in cases of quality problems, returns are not accepted. Before making a purchase, kindly carefully weigh your options. (*Jadeite naturally exhibits characteristics like cracks, fractures, veins, black blotches, dirt colours, dirt spots, and the like; they don't indicate a lack of quality. The illustration will serve as the benchmark.) - After making your reservation, you will receive additional information about the event, product specifications, and service options. - Please get in touch with us to place an order if jadeite collectibles are of interest to you.

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