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This event can no longer be booked.


The purpose of the event is to introduce and exchange Ming and Qing Dynasty porcelain.

  • Ended
  • 100 Canadian dollars
  • Hengshan Moller Villa, 30 Shanxi Road South, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China

Service Description

According to historical records, 90,000 ceramics were created for tribute to the royal family alone during the Qing Yongzheng period and 50,000 during the Qing Qianlong period. It is estimated that over 4,000,000 ceramics were created for the royal family during the three most prosperous periods of the Qing Dynasty. These do not include ceramics made for other nobility or those that fell under the tribute standard. The ceramics during the Qing dynasty included “A Willow Forest and Spring Swallow Bowl” and “Kam Bird Binaural Bottle”. What were once common themes are now “the only one left in the world”, “the only other piece rests in the British Museum” and so on. Chinese collectors repurchase what was once theirs with over 100 million dollars for historical reputation. This is not the only way to preserve culture and history; more treasures are hidden among the folks. The proper course of action is to deliberate and reflect on oneself in order to constantly improve; to remain resourceful and minimalist in order to develop a noble character; strengthen our aspirations with apathy toward fame and fortune; and realise our ideals through long-term assiduous research. Please Note: - The honorary representatives for this seminar are CHEN Wanli, YE Linzhi, SHI Shuqing, FENG Xianming, and YE Jimin. The goal of this seminar is to introduce and exchange knowledge on historical culture and artefacts to a wider audience. - Refreshments will be available. - Attendance at this event is limited to 50 people; industry insiders will be given priority. - If you wish to attend, please make a reservation in advance. Following confirmation of your reservation, you will be contacted with information about this event, the products and services offered. - The registration deadline is three days before the event. If you will be unable to attend, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible.

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