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Recommended by Shanghai Museum and OGP Collectors Club

  • Started Apr 25
  • No. 201 Ren Min Da Dao, Huangpu District, Shanghai 200003

Service Description

Date: 2024-04-25 through 2024-12-31 Venue: Shanghai Museum Address: 4F, Shanghai Museum. No.201 Ren Min Da Dao, Shanghai 20003, P.R. China "All That Giltters: Chinese Cloisonné As A Gift From Robert Chang's Collection" showcases 55 rare treasures of copper-based cloisonné enamel generously donated by Mr. Chang to the Shanghai Museum in recent years. Cloisonné enamel, also known as "Jingtai Blue," is a renowned specialty metal craft in China, named for reaching its pinnacle during the Jingtai period of the Ming Dynasty due to its exceptional beauty. This craft involves soldering various patterns formed by flat copper wires onto a copper base, then filling the patterns with enamel glaze and firing them. During the Qing Dynasty, the Imperial Household Department specialized in manufacturing various palace cloisonné enamelware, leading to an unprecedented development in Jingtai Blue production. The exhibited collection features a rich variety of vessel types, daily necessities, stationery, and more, spanning from the Ming Dynasty to the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China era. Notably, these precious artworks provide invaluable materials for exploring and exhibiting the developmental history of cloisonné enamel from various angles, serving as indispensable resources for advancing related research. Collector's Introduction Robert Chang, also known by his Chinese name Zhang Zongxian, was born in 1927 in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. His grandfather, Zhang Yiru, was a renowned bamboo carving artist in southern Jiangnan, while his father, Zhang Zhongying, was a famous antique dealer in Shanghai during the Republic of China era, operating "Juzhenzhai" on the Bund, specializing in antiques. In 1948, Mr. Changwent to Hong Kong and established "Yongyuanxing" in the 1950s. With his legendary experience, he became a highly influential contemporary Chinese art collector, exerting significant influence in the fields of ancient art collection and auctions in China and the world. Mr. Chang played a crucial role in turning Hong Kong into a hub for Chinese art trading in the latter half of the 20th century. His collection is extensive, covering not only traditional calligraphy, painting, and jade, but also meticulously includes copper-based cloisonné enamel pieces. Under his influence and promotion, collectors both domestically and internationally have begun to pay attention to the collection and research of cloisonné enamel pieces from various periods.

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