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Members get the chance to network for potential business alliances and investment opportunities.

  • Ended
  • 100 Canadian dollars
  • 8500 Leslie Street, Markham, ON, Canada

Service Description

Every historical dynasty's most prosperous eras were also the eras during which the arts and culture flourished. As a result of social harmony, peace, and wealth, the arts and culture could flourish. The royal and aristocratic families enjoyed creating private collections since they had the means and the means of art. As evidenced by the attendees from the auction associations Christie's, Sotheby's, and China Jiade International Auction Limited Company, collection has recently become a pastime for many businesspeople. Asia is not only growing economically, but their tastes in art have also significantly changed. People frequently believe that collections are only for those with great financial standing. That is not the situation. If you have the eyes, you can slowly build an exceptional collection. In the 1970s, works by well-known artist Qi Baishi were only worth 100 yuan; today, they are worth millions. Ma Weidu, a seasoned collector, started out collecting artefacts that cost less than 100 yuan, but he has since become a symbol of riches. Entrepreneurs like Wang Jianlin compete for pieces of art because they see the potential value of these artefacts to aid in their long-term wealth accumulation. For the "investment opportunity," they compete. A prevalent symbol of prestige in modern society, preference for artwork has become a regular phenomena. Please Note: - There is a 20 member maximum for this event. - This gathering, which takes place in the afternoon, gives members the chance to interact with other collectors and exchange useful information and resources, as well as to network for prospective business collaborations and investment opportunities. - Snacks and beverages are offered. - Each reservation allows for one companion. - If you plan to attend this event, kindly make a reservation in advance. - Three days prior to the event, registration closes. Please inform us in advance if you won't be able to make it. - Kindly refrain from promoting any goods unrelated to the collectibles on display. Other than the objects displayed, transactions should be arranged after the event.

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