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Recommendation from China Art Museum and OGP Collectors Club.

  • Ended
  • China Art Museum, No.205 Shangnan Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China.

Service Description

During the 1920s and 1930s, Shanghai built a financial and commercial empire, attracting banks, traders from around the world, and adventurers, becoming known as "the Paris of the East." However, the more we learn about the city's history and present, the more we realise how important its political and cultural role was in the country's development. In fact, Shanghai had its own cultural school, "Haipai," which was a fusion of Chinese and Western cultures or a new modern literature in contact with foreign countries. It refers to Shanghai's avant-garde but distinct "East Meets West" culture of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Despite its detractors, Haipai heralded a new era. In modern terms, Haipai Culture is seen as a symbol of diversity and inclusiveness, a distinct style that combines orientalism and western culture. "Extension at Sea: Shanghai Artists Joint Exhibition," a well-known art exhibition in Shanghai, will continue to astound audiences with the work of 160 Shanghai artists. There are expected to be 200 Chinese paintings, oil paintings, sculptures, printmakers, videos, installations, and photos at the Art Exhibition. Tips: - Fri, Dec 15 @ 10 : 00 am - Wed, May 30 @ 4 : 00 pm - Tuesday to Sunday 10 : 00 am to 6 : 00 pm. Closed on Mondays (except national holidays) - The permanent exhibition is free; the special exhibition costs 20 yuan per person. - China Art Museum, No.205 Shangnan Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China.

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