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Recommendation from the Shanghai Viewing Stone Association and viewing stone collectors.

  • Ended
  • Hutai Stone Market, No.1012, Hutai Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China

Service Description

Prices have risen in recent years as the number of people interested in viewing stone collections has grown. The rare ancient stone collections were well-liked. The value of a viewing stone is classified as historical, cultural, scientific, or collection value. These values can be found in the cultural connotation of fine stone and the scarcity beyond congener. A viewing stone contains cultural content as well as geological features, and it may also have historical commemorative significance. "Stone Dialogue - Shanghai Viewing Stone Culture Expo 2018" is a significant exhibition in the viewing stone collection industry. The organising committee chose 225 pieces of fine viewing stones from a pool of 1000 pieces supplied by country collectors. The exhibition will take place in Shanghai's famous Hutai Stone Market. The commercial level of visitors, the cultural atmosphere, and the stone material are the best. The organising committee also invited over 200 collectors to the event, including Luoyang, Tongling, Qingdao, and other well-known collectors from across the country. Many buyers have formed groups to attend the exhibition, such as the Qingdao group, with over seventy people in one group. Tips: - Tue, Nov 20 @ 9 : 00 am - Mon, Nov 26 @ 6 : 00 pm - Hutai Stone Market, No.1012, Hutai Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China

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