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Recommended by The Museum of Creative Minds and OGP Collectors Club.

  • Ended
  • The Museum of Creative Minds. 1F B4-1, No 388 Bansongyuan Road, Shanghai, China

Service Description

Each of us is fighting a battle in this outbreak. Everyone's life was different before the epidemic, but now that we're all fighting the same virus, the distance between people has grown wider due to discrimination. Because viruses have no national borders and love is limitless, now is the time to let go of discrimination and care for equality. Many heartwarming stories have occurred as a result of love. Keep love and hope alive. Run above time, save lives. We may need to take a deep breath to think about this world. Long-term development requires the harmonious union of man and nature. We hope to present works in this exhibition that document this history with creative passion during a specific time period. We'd like to show the world the flowers blooming beneath the rock just as spring arrives and winter comes to an end. After a month of online recruitment, more than 250 artists from across the country submitted their work. The selection committee voted on 25 groups of works, and online audiences voted on 11 groups of works. Artists include: Amos, Brin, Caterina Ceccarelli (Italy), IKKY, Irina Banari (Romania), NYSomeTimes, sissi wu, Theophile Signard (France), Vasily Betin (Russia), Chen Mengjie, Chen Xiaofeng, Cong Ye, Shan Xiaoyuan, Ding Yuan Yuan, Huang Jun, Huang Junhui, Lv Jiuye, Ma Jin, Sun Jun, Tan Tan, Wang Jinhai, Wei Haiyan, Wu Teng Studio, Yang Lijie, Yang Xueyong, Yin Yi, Zhang Hongxiang, Zhang Junmin, Zhang Wei, Zhao Chaoyue, Zhao Xin, Zhao Ziqing, Zheng Yin, Zhong Kangjun, Zhou Hui, Zhu Lei Brittni Young (USA), Diana Roman (Romania), Gu Yaofeng, Jiang Mei, Zhao Yichen, Lulu, Shi Si, Su Bing, Ouyang Li Wen, Wang Meng are committee members. Tips: - Sun, Apr 5 @ 10 : 00 pm - Tue, May 5 @ 4 : 00 pm - Daily from Monday to Sunday @ 10 : 00 am - 6 : 00 pm. Closed on Mondays (except statutory holidays) - The Museum of Creative Minds. 1F B4-1, No 388 Bansongyuan Road, Shanghai, China.

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