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OGP Collectors Club recommends.

  • Ended
  • Xuhui Art Museum, 1411 Huaihai Middle Rd, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

Service Description

Wang Yi is a member of the Shanghai Cultural Relics Appraisal Committee, a relics smuggled goods assessor at the China Customs Shanghai Station, and a research librarian at the Shanghai History Museum. Mr. Wang has been collecting ink for over 30 years. His collections include inksticks from the Song and Ming dynasties, as well as other periods, totaling over 2,000 pieces, 90% of which are ancient inksticks from the Ming and Qing dynasties. On official inksticks and royal inksticks, he usually collects and focuses on the "Four Inkstick Masters of the Qing Dynasty" (Cao Sugong, Wang Jinsheng, Wang Jieqi, Hu Kaiwen). It also contains a large number of self-use and gift inksticks of historical celebrities, painters, and officials, as well as some commemorative inksticks reflecting the characteristics of the 1911 Revolution, the Liberation Movement, the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, or major historical events. "The Aeon of Black and Soil - Wang Yi's Ancient Hui-Inksticks Show" displays all of collector Wang Yi's rare and ancient Hui-inkstick collections, who is a famous inkstick culture scholar and ancient inkstick collector. It will display his valuable collections, such as a set of 40 pieces of "The Royal Garden Atlas," which selected 40 attractions of the Forbidden City, Xi Yuan, and Yuanming Yuan. This collection of inksticks is the essence of carving and is extremely rare in the history of inkmaking. It has also left a historical reference for Yuanming Yuan. There is also a set of "28 stars of inksticks," Qin Quan inksticks, foreign custom inksticks, Wu Changshuo custom inksticks, Qing Dynasty Zhusha inksticks, Qing Dynasty literati Yuan Mei custom inksticks, and other rare inksticks. There are also rare inkstick paintings, inkstick tickets, inkstick sputum, and inkstick boxes, as well as literatures of praise inkstick written by Zuo Zongtang during the Qing Dynasty. Famous Chinese painters are invited to create original paintings of inkstick scenes using the art of soot, loose smoke inkstick, and picture on inksticks for the exhibition. Music was written by the Shanghai Conservatory of Music's music engineering department, and animation was created by a professional team. Allow the original Hui inkstick production scene to reappear in anime style. Tips: - Sun, Jun 9 @ 9 : 00 am - Sun, Sep 22 @ 5 : 00 pm - Xuhui Art Museum, 1411 Huaihai Middle Rd, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China - Closed on Mondays (except statutory holidays)

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