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This event can no longer be booked.


Members can connect with other collectors at the event to share relevant biz resources and network.

  • Ended
  • 500 Canadian dollars
  • Fairport Yacht Club, 1275 Wharf St, Pickering, Ontario L1W 1A2, Canada

Service Description

Feel the sky and smell the sea. Allow your soul and spirit to soar. As the sun rises higher in the sky, the clouds become waves for one. As the sun goes to sleep, a million stars twinkle on them. Both the sky and the sea are drenched in blue, but there is a gap between them. That is the world's distance between the great and the obscure. That is why there are differences between collectors and others. Why do people collect art? Of course, many people buy art for financial reasons. They can resell works for a large profit. They can also get significant tax breaks for donating art to museums. However, serious art collectors were forming a new link in our social network and communicating some important pieces of information about themselves. Collectors are motivated not only by the creation of social networks, but also by the messages that can be sent once these networks are established. We all know that art is a powerful way for artists to express their thoughts and feelings, but collectors also know that art can be an expressive vehicle for them. Many collectors carefully curate their collections, purchasing only artworks whose display supports the collector's claim. As a result, the collectors' most important investment was in art's ability to confer identity. Please Note: - This event is limited to 30 business members. - The event is a gathering that allows members to connect with other collectors in order to share relevant knowledge and resources, as well as network for potential business partnerships and investment opportunities. - A barbecue and cocktails will be provided. - If you want to attend this event, please make a reservation in advance. - If you arrive by yacht, please check with the berth for availability. - The registration deadline is five days before the event. If you are unable to attend, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible.

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