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Surrealistic Painter

Guillaume was rewarded La Palma d’Oro per l’Arte award in September 2014 at Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo. In December 2014 at the Hotel Banke in Paris, Guillaume was awarded the Biennial Paris award. Guillaume was selected as one of the 700 artists from 7000 applications world-widely to participate in Palermo Artexpo, held between the 11th till the 25th of January, 2015. He exhibited his works at the Palazzo Sant 'Elia in Palermo, Italy and received many praises in art reviews in that country. Guillaume was awarded Premio ¨Il David di Bernini¨ in 2015 for his painting Thanksgiven in Lecce, Italy.


Pure Psychic Automatism: Interview with Guillaume (Willem Lodewijk den Dunnen)
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