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Sonia Ning Sun

Collector, Project Investor, Brand Operator

Sonia Ning Sun is a brand operator, project investor, collector. She has worked with over 70 different brands including BMW, HBO, Microsoft, THOMSON, Walt Disney, DreamWorks, P&G, GSK, Coca Cola, Budweiser, Martell, CBS News, NBC Sports, KFC, Adidas, Hasbro, Davis Cup, China Telecom, Formula 1, Expo 2010, etc. She has nearly 30 years of collection experience. Due to the comprehensive factors of her family's background and social work, she has been influenced. Ms. Sun has a good knowledge and understanding of treasures, and her collections cover many different cultures, and arts from the East and the West.


Sonia Ning Sun
The Key to Be a Successful Collector - Conceptual Thinking:Interview with Sonia Ning Sun
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