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Stephen Calhoun

Artistic Experimenter

Stephen Calhoun is an artistic experimenter. Starting as a self-taught graphic designer in 1985. his first fine art works were painted from 1993-2002. He took up the cause of procedural, generative digital art in 2003. In 2009, he took up digital photography, and soon began fusing photography with generative procedures. His experiments have focused on complexity and symmetry since 2013. His catalog of artworks numbers over 250 pieces. His musical career extends over many decades, and as instrumentalist and composer he issued eight recordings between 2001-2015. As well, since 1996, Stephen creates and presents compelling interactive, transdisciplinary programs rooted in experiential inquiry, oracular tools, Analytical Psychology, social cybernetics, and, group exploration in the field of adult and organizational development. On occasion he works with public libraries in staff and strategic development. He is also a researcher focused on serendipity in adult development.


Stephen Calhoun
The World of Digital Art: Interview with Stephen Calhoun
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