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8K Micro-documentary Film: Bright Torch 3D - Wood Bases for Decoration Stones

By OGP Reporters / OGP File Photos

Oh Good Party

"Haipai's Hundred Skills" is the craftsman's life, and exquisite craftsmanship in Haipai, a national cultural and tourism department, a national cultural information resource sharing project, and a local resource construction project in 2018. The Shanghai Intangible Protection Center launched the “Bright Torch 3D— Haipai's Hundred Skills series of 8K micro-documentary production and dissemination projects". In the past two years, a 120 series movie (about 5 minutes each) of micro-documentaries in 8K ultra-high-definition format were produced for about 120 representative craft projects in 220 projects in Shanghai. It records of the craftsmen's life stories and exquisite craftsmanships to showing a masterpiece of traditional culture. We’re hoping to stimulate public interest in the Chinese traditional intangible cultural heritage. In 2019, "Haipai's Hundred Skills" released 60 documentaries on the Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, which were broadcasted on Shanghai's public transportation.

Chen Shihong, the curator of Shanghai Shi Shi Hong Culture and Art Museum, Vice President of Shanghai Viewing Stone Collector ’s Association, and inheritor of Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage Wooden Pedestal Skills of Viewing Stone. In the past 40 years, his artworks of wooden pedestal skills have won more than 90 national awards. His honors are masters of traditional Chinese craftsmanship, Chinese rosewood artist, chief artist of the Chinese viewing stone industry, and Master of Arts and Crafts, in Zhejiang Jinhua etc. His masterpieces include “Asking a Boy under a Pine Tree”, “Falling from Heaven”, “Harmony”, “Wood and Stone Chuan Zun” and so on. His work“Harmony” was collected by Ronald Bew of Deputy Bureau of the United States small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Administration, and Ban Ki-moon of former UN Secretary General, former French Prime Minister of Jean-Pierre Raffarin, former German President of Christian Wilhelm Walter Wulff and other world leaders. His other work “Qi Shi Min” was collected by Mr. Li Zhaoxing of former Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China, and Gary Faye Locke of former Secretary of Commerce of the United States.

Chu Chuanlee, born in 1967 Taiwan is Chinese 3D film director, film producer, video art worker, and a visiting professor of China Academy of Art. In 2010, he made the 3D movie "Clownfish"; and in the same year, he served as the 3D director of the 3D ring-screen movie "One Day in Taipei" of the Shanghai World Expo, hosted by Hou Hsiao-hsien. In 2013, his film "3D Taiwan" received the Taiwan Golden Bell Award for Innovation and Technology Award. In 2016, he directed by the film “Bright Torch 3D", it received the "Best Film Award" at the 3D KIFF International Film Festival in Korea. In 2017, his film "Four Treasures of Study 3D" received the “Best Works Award” from Beijing International Advanced Imaging Conference. In 2018, he received the “Best-of-Show/Live-Action Category Formosa 3D” from SD&A.

Movie:China Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo - Wood Bases for Decoration Stones

Artist:Chen Shihong

Exhibitor: Xiao Yeying, Hua Linglei

Project Director: Gong Yi

Director: Chu Chuanlee

Producer: Zhang Liming

Produced by: Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center

Recommended by: Oh Good Party, Shanghai Shi Shi Hong Culture and Art Museum, Zhong Lingqiang (General Secretary of Shanghai Viewing Stone Collectors‘ Association, Chief Editor of "Chinese Famous Collectors and Collections of Contemporary Viewing Stones Encyclopedia")


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