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Feathers, Form and Function: What feathers are, how they work, and why we find them alluring

By OGP Reporters / OGP File Photos

Oh Good Party

In Feathers, Form, and Function, you’ll find insight into these questions and new ways of seeing through an artist, a biologist’s, a philosopher, and a bird’s eyes. With a small scalpel for a tool, artist Chris Maynard carves bird themes out of feathers. Each design highlights the feathers’ beauty and forms and calls attention to topics important to us such as flight, hope, and transformation. With a creative sense of design and a bit of humor, the artist offers a sense of the lives and movements of the birds he portrays. He also explores how feathers have given humans meaning for millennium.

Chris Maynard has worked with feathers since he was twelve. His unique feather shadowboxes are recognized by art collectors, bird lovers, and a wide and interesting variety of people from all over the world. He only has time to turn a small portion of his ideas, which fill many notebooks, into his shadow box feather designs. His favorite tools are tiny eye surgery scissors, forceps, and magnifying glasses passed down through his family. Maynard combines his strong backgrounds in biology and ecology into not only his art, but also a tabletop book and engaging and informative talks on the beauty, function, and meaning of feathers.

He’s a member of the Artists for Conservation. Chris’ works have appeared on "TEDxOlympia", "American Lifestyle", "British Daily Mail", "Discovery Channel", and many other world-renowned newspapers, magazines, and TV channels. Additionally, his works are exhibited in Woodson Art Museum, Washington Center for the Performing Arts Gallery, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, etc. He gained many awards such as the 2017 finalist, Art Olympia, Tokyo, Japan, 2016 People’s Choice Award, Coors Western Art Show, Denver, CO, 2015 Merit Award, Society of Animal Artists, NY, and Conservation Artist Award, Artists for Conservation, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2014 Honorable Mention, Animals in Art, Baton Rouge, LA.

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