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The Kingdom of Poetry and Dreams - Scenery Photography and Stone Collections by Zhong Lingqiang

By OGP Reporters / OGP File Photos

Oh Good Party

Mr. Zhong's fine art photography works with gorgeous China's mountains and rivers, as well as many unique stone collections, are documented in the book "The Kingdom of Poetry and Dreams - Scenery Photography and Stone Collections by Zhong Lingqiang." It's also where he found his valuable stones as a well-known collector who enjoys nature and art. Mr. Zhong exhibited his passion of nature, art, and China through a simple and beautiful photography perspective.

Zhong Lingqiang is a member of the Education Research Society of Shanghai Photographers Association, and Jiayou Online major photographer. He was also the general secretary of Shanghai Viewing Stone Collectors' Association for several consecutive terms, and now is a senior adviser of Shanghai Viewing Stone Collectors' Association, art consultant of China Accounting Museum, Haipai viewing stone collector, and member of OGP Collectors' Club .

Mr. Zhong has been in love with stones and collecting them for more than 30 years. He has edited and published many well-known and popular publications, such as ‘Chinese Modern Stone Collector Code’ and ‘100 pieces of Chinese Viewing Stone Masterpieces in Different Generations'. His achievements of collecting, appreciating and developing viewing stones have been documented in record books such as ‘Chinese Specialist Bibliography’. His collectibles have been displayed on various exhibitions and also recorded in books, such as ‘Chinese Miracle Stones’, ‘Folk Art Collectible’ and ‘Chinese Rain-Flower Pebbles’. It has been reported in a special column titled ‘Miracle Stone at My Home’ in the magazine ‘Nature and Human’.

Other than that, Mr. Zhong was also involved in developing and organizing diverse exhibitions of viewing stones, such as ‘Chinese Viewing Stone Exhibition’ in 1991, ‘The First Exhibition of Chinese Stone Collectibles of Famous Celebrities’ in 1993, ‘Shanghai Oriental Viewing Stone Expo’ in 1994, ‘ The First Shenzhen Oriental Viewing Stone Expo’, ‘Wang Yongkui's Antarctic Stone Show’ in 1996, ‘Hello, My Hong Kong - Shenzhen Oriental Viewing Stone and Jewelry Expo’ in 1997, ‘Shanghai Viewing Stone Exhibition’ in 1998, ‘Oriental Viewing Stone Expo’ in 1999, ‘New Century Chinese Viewing Stone Exhibition’ in 2001, ‘Stone Art, Stone Spirit - Oriental Viewing Stone Expo’ in 2002, ‘Stone’s Charm: Chinese Viewing Stone Art and Painting Joint Exhibition’ in 2004, ‘Stone Soul - Chinese Famous Carving Stone Art Exhibition’ in 2006, ‘Joint Exhibition for Earth Spirit -River and Ocean Pebble’ in 2008, ‘The Third Shanghai Wan Chun Yuan Oriental Viewing Stone Expo’ and ‘China Viewing Stone Market Theory Seminar’ in 2010, ‘Hangzhou Oujin Viewing Stone and Jade City - Culture Spring Festival’, ‘Hangzhou Oujin Viewing Stone and Jade City Spring Fair’, ’Viewing Stone and Painting - Shanghai Graphic Stone Invitation Exhibition’ in 2011, ‘The Fun of the Stone - Shanghai Stone Collectors’ Graphic Stone, Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition’ in 2014, ‘The Second Shanghai Stone Collectors’s Graphic Stone Painting and Photography Joint Exhibition’ in 2015, etc.

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