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Collections Of Distinguished Rain Flower Pebbles Of Nanjing, China

By OGP Reporters / Nanjing Rain Flower Pebble Association File Photos

Oh Good Party

Rain flower pebbles, known as "natural treasures bestowed by heaven and a unique wonder of China," belong to the category of ornamental stones and embody the extraordinary craftsmanship of nature. What sets this book apart is that it has been meticulously compiled over two years by the Nanjing Rain Flower Pebble Association, selecting from nearly 20,000 rain flower pebbles. Each piece of rain flower pebble is unique, with its own story and aesthetics.

"Collections Of Distinguished Rain Flower Pebbles Of Nanjing, China" is a precious exploration of the art of Nanjing rain flower pebbles. Published by Jiangsu People's Publishing House in 2014, this book takes readers into a magical and enchanting world, showcasing nearly 372 exquisite collections of rain flower pebbles.

The book is divided into six main chapters, each offering a unique perspective, including "Scenic Views," "Flowers," "Figures," "Animals," "Wonders," and "Proteins," allowing readers to appreciate the different charms of rain flower pebbles.

In the book, readers can not only admire the beauty of rain flower pebbles but also gain insights into the cultural connotations and historical origins they contain. The authors provide exquisite interpretations and eloquent commentary on each rain flower pebble, guiding readers into the world behind these stones, where they can experience the mysteries and charms within.

"Collections Of Distinguished Rain Flower Pebbles Of Nanjing, China" is not just a book but also a comprehensive exploration and presentation of the art of Nanjing rain flower pebbles. Whether you are a collector of rain flower pebbles, an art enthusiast, or simply interested in traditional Chinese culture, this book will offer you a unique reading experience, allowing you to deepen your understanding and appreciation of this cultural treasure.

Editor-in-Chief: Dai Zongbao

Recommendations: OGP, Dai Zongbao (President of the Nanjing Rain Flower Pebble Association, Vice President of the Provincial Ornamental Stone Association, Consultant of the Jiangsu Collector Association, Member of the Jiangsu Calligrapher Association, Consultant of the Nanjing Wushu Association, Honorary Curator of the Lin Sanzhi Memorial Hall), Zhong Lingqiang (Founding Secretary-General of the Shanghai Ornamental Stone Association, Editor-in-Chief of the "Grand Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese Stone Collectors and Masterpieces")


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